Music Questionnaire – My Responses


1. What music genre(s) do you listen to most frequently?
Metal. Specifically thrash metal.
2. Favourite band(s)/artist(s)?
Black Label Society, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, Stone Sour, Slipknot, Five Finger Death Punch, and Motorhead.
3. What is it about your favourite genre(s) that makes it/them appeal to you?
The harshness of it. The chaos. That’s why I prefer thrash metal to everything else. And the power, with all metal in general. It’s all balls-out, go as hard as you can ‘til you collapse, man. It’s fucking awesome.
4. What is it about your favourite band(s)/artist(s) that make it/them appeal to you?
See previous answer. Listen to a band like Pantera, or Slayer, or Megadeth, and you can hear it. It makes you move, man.
5. What’s more important to you: lyrical content or musical content?
Lyrical. Don’t get me wrong; the music, the beat, the instruments all play a huge part. But I’m a writer. Words are what do it for me.
6. Is there a particular vocal style you prefer?
Rough, growly, throaty. My top three vocalists of all time are Lemmy, Phil Anselmo, and Dave Mustaine, and they’re pretty much the definition of those three things.
7. What music genre(s) do you avoid (if any)? Why?
I generally avoid pop music. Not really my style. I’ve got nothing against it, and I don’t care if others listen to it. It’s just not, on the whole, something that appeals to me, music or lyric-wise.

The Metal Section:
*If your answers for any of the above questions apply to the ones in this section, just leave them blank*

1. Do you listen to metal?
Yes. Yes I do.
2. If yes, which sub-genres do you prefer and which do you avoid?
I prefer thrash, speed, alternative, groove (to an extent), tech death, progressive, and traditional heavy metal. I usually tend to avoid power metal, glam, folk, and symphonic metal.
3. Have you ever been either shunned from or accepted into a group due to your liking/disliking of metal music?
Not really. There are some online communities who tend to look down on you if you don’t listen to exactly what they listen to, but I try to avoid them.
4. Do the stereotypes attached to metal and its listeners (Satanism, violence, etc) play any part in your liking/disliking of metal? Why or why not?
Yes and no. No in the sense that I would never dislike a form of metal because of the stereotypes associated with it. I’ll even listen to Norwegian Black Metal and those idiots are mostly known for burning down churches and worshipping their idea of Satan. But yes in the sense that a part of me likes the stereotypical rebellion that walks hand in hand with metal. I’m not much of a rebel, but when I’m singing Slayer at the top of my lungs, I fucking feel like one. And that’s really appealing.
5. Have you ever snubbed anyone because of the metal sub-genre they like? Why?
No. I don’t give a fuck what people listen to. If you want to listen to power metal, do it. It’s not my scene, but I’m not the one listening to it, am I?
6. If you had to defend metal to somebody (assuming they believed only the stereotypically bad things about it), what would you say?
Don’t be a fucking idiot. It’s music, man. As much as it can make you feel, it’s just music. It can’t force you to worship the Devil or do drugs or kill somebody. If you do that, that’s on you, man. If you don’t like the music, if it doesn’t appeal to you musically or lyrically, then don’t listen to it. But don’t let dumbass stereotypes make that decision for you.

Just Because I’m Curious:

1. Favourite vocalist?
Lemmy, from Motorhead. Phil Anselmo, Dave Mustaine, Corey Taylor, Chuck Schuldiner, and Zakk Wylde are all up there too though.
2. Favourite guitarist?
Zakk Wylde, with honourable mention going to Kerry King, Dave Mustaine, and Dimebag,
3. Favourite drummer?
Dave Lombardo.
4. Favourite bassist?
Rex Brown.

*Anything else relevant can go here. Anything you want to say? Anything the questions didn’t cover? Anything important you think could help me out? This is the place to say it.*

Just this: musical taste is so incredibly subjective, man. Not only does it differ from person to person, but also within genres and bands themselves. There are bands out there that fall into genres I love, and yet I don’t like them. I like thrash/groove metal, but I don’t like Lamb of God. I can’t stand bands like System of a Down, Rammstein, and I dislike Anthrax, even though I’m a fan of a lot of bands that are stylistically similar to them. Shit’s crazy like that. What I’m trying to say, essentially, is I think it’s ridiculous that some people find it necessary to act like assholes to people who don’t listen to the same shit they do. Everybody’s different, we all like different things, and unless somebody kidnaps you, ties you down and forces you to listen to a band you don’t like, you should just accept it and be cool. I know people who listen to the bands I don’t like, and we somehow manage to get along. Imagine that.

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