Song Recommendations

I was bored, so I decided I’d make a little list of song recommendations. I know that doesn’t count as real writing, but it’s something I felt I should do. It’s like public service. Or something.

But anyways, here’s a list of song I think you should listen to. Yeah, I’m talking to you. You. Whoever you are. Youtube these songs, because they are awesome.

Edit: I wrote a short note at the bottom of this. Check it out, even if you don’t feel like reading this too-long song list haha.

Black Label Society – Stillborn
Black Label Society – Blackened Waters
Black Label Society – Steppin’ Stone
Black Label Society – Layne
Black Label Society – Once More
Black Label Society – In This River
Black Label Society – Godspeed Hellbound
Black Label Society – The Last Goodbye
Black Label Society – Bored to Tears
Black Label Society – Rust
Black Label Society – Counterfeit God
Black Label Society – Just Killing Time
Black Label Society – Bleed For Me
Black Label Society – Lost Heaven
(Pretty much anything by BLS, really. Great band)
Apocalyptica f/ Corey Taylor – I’m Not Jesus
Audioslave – What You Are
Avenged Sevenfold – Gunslinger
Avenged Sevenfold – Betrayed
Avenged Sevenfold – Girl I Know
Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare
Avenged Sevenfold – Buried Alive
Avenged Sevenfold – Victim
Bad Company – Bad Company
Billy Idol – White Wedding
Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath – Paranoid
Bleeding Through – Line In the Sand
Blue Oyster Cult – (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
Blue Oyster Cult – Burnin’ For You
Breaking Benjamin – You
Breaking Benjamin – Dance With the Devil
Breaking Benjamin – Until the End
Breaking Benjamin – Natural Life
Breaking Benjamin – Shallow Bay
Breaking Benjamin – Away
Breaking Benjamin – So Cold
Buckcherry – Everything
Buckcherry – Sorry
Buckcherry – Whiskey In the Morning
Bullet For My Valentine – Waking the Demon
Bullet For My Valentine – The End
Bullet For My Valentine – Hit the Floor
Burn Halo – Saloong Song
Burn Halo – Save Me
Cavo – Champagne
Chevelle – Still Running
Chris Cornell – You Know My Name
Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
Cold – It’s All Good
Cold – Suffocate
Cold – Remedy
Cold – Cure My Tragedy (A Letter to God)
Cold – Stupid Girl
CCR – Bad Moon Rising
Damageplan – Cold Blooded
Damageplan f/ Corey Taylor – Fuck You
Damageplan – Blink of An Eye
Dark New Day – Bare Bones
Default – Comes and Goes
Default – Deny
Default – Sick and Tired
Demon Hunter – Carry Me Down
Demon Hunter – Not Ready to Die
Demon Hunter – Deteriorate
Demon Hunter – Infected
Demon Hunter – Undying
Demon Hunter – One Thousand Apologies
Demon Hunter – The Tide Began to Rise
Depeche Mode – Blasphemous Rumours
DevilDriver – Pray For Villains
DevilDriver – Fate Stepped In
DevilDriver – Resurrection Blvd.
DevilDriver – I’ve Been Sober
Dio – Holy Diver
Dommin – Closure
Dommin – I Still Lost
Dommin – Making the Most
Dope – Survive
Dope f/ The Detroit Hate Choir – Burn
Dope – The Life
Dope – Pig Society
Dope – Everything Sucks
Dope – Sing
Dope – Another Day Goes By
Dope – Easier
Dope – With or Without You
Dope – My Funeral
Down – The Man That Follows Hell
Down – New Orleans Is A Dying Whore
Down – Never Try
Eagles – Hotel California
Finger Eleven – Living In A Dream
Finger Eleven – Slow Chemical
Five Finger Death Punch – Under and Over It
Five Finger Death Punch – Remember Everything
Five Finger Death Punch – Wicked Ways
Five Finger Death Punch – The Tragic Truth
Five Finger Death Punch – If I Fall
Five Finger Death Punch – Hard to See
Five Finger Death Punch – Far From Home
Five Finger Death Punch – Bad Company
Five Finger Death Punch – Walk Away
Five Finger Death Punch – The Bleeding
Five Finger Death Punch – Meet the Monster
Five Finger Death Punch – Never Enough
Five Finger Death Punch – Stranger Than Fiction
Foo Fighters – The Pretender
Fozzy – Enemy
Fozzy – All That Remains
Fozzy – Martyr No More
Fozzy – Let the Madness Begin
Hail the Villain – Glad to Be
Hail the Villain – Runaway
Hail the Villain – Pyro
Hail the Villain – Swan Dive Suicide
Hellyeah – Hellyeah
Hellyeah – Goddamn
Hellyeah – Debt That All Men Pay
Hellyeah – Pole Rider
Hellyeah – Stand or Walk Away
Hinder – 2 Sides of Me
Hinder – What Ya Gonna Do
Hinder – Waking Up the Devil
Hinder – Red Tail Lights
Hinder – Everybody’s Wrong
Hinder – Bliss (I Don’t Wanna Know)
Hinder – Better Than Me
Hinder – Last Kiss Goodbye
Hinder – Far From Home
Hinder – Heartless
Ill Niño – Violent Saint
Ill Niño – How Can I Live
Ill Niño – If You Still Hate Me
Jace Everett – Bad Things
Jace Everett – Damned If I Do
Killswitch Engage – The Reckoning
Killswitch Engage – I Would Do Anything
Kyle Turley – Another Whiskey
Lamb of God – Redneck
Machine Head – Aesthetics of Hate
Mark Collie – In Time
Megadeth – Symphony of Destruction
Megadeth – This Was My Life
Megadeth – Trust
Megadeth – Almost Honest
Megadeth – I’ll Get Even
Megadeth – Bodies
Megadeth – The Hardest Part of Letting Go… Sealed With A Kiss
Megadeth – Head Crusher
Megadeth – How the Story Ends
Megadeth – The Right to Go Insane
Megadeth – These Boots
Megadeth – Peace Sells
Megadeth – Time: The Beginning
Megadeth – Five Magics
Megadeth – In My Darkest Hour
Megadeth – Die Dead Enough
Megadeth – The Scorpion
Megadeth – Something That I’m Not
Megadeth – Truth Be Told
Megadeth – Of Mice and Men
Megadeth – Sudden Death
Megadeth – Public Enemy No. 1
Megadeth – We the People
Megadeth – Wrecker
Megadeth – Deadly Nightshade
Megadeth – 13
Megadeth – Sleepwalker
Megadeth – Washington is Next!
Megadeth – Never Walk Alone… A Call to Arms
Megadeth – Play For Blood
Megadeth – A Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)
Megadeth – 1000 Times Goodbye
Megadeth – Blood of Heroes
Megadeth – Family Tree
Megadeth – I Thought I Knew It All
Megadeth – Victory
Metallica – For Whom the Bell Tolls
Metallica – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Metallica – The Unforgiven
Metallica – Master of Puppets
Motorhead – Ace of Spades
Motorhead – The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
Motorhead – Jailbait
Motorhead – One Short Life
Motorhead – King of Kings
Mudvayne – World So Cold
Mudvayne – Happy?
Mudvayne – Scream With Me
Mudvayne – A Cinderella Story
Mudvayne – Never Enough
Nine Inch Nails – Every Day Is Exactly the Same
Pantera – Shedding Skin
Pantera – Drag the Waters
Pantera – 13 Steps to Nowhere
Pantera – 10’s
Pantera – Suicide Note Pt. 1
Pantera – Floods
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell
Pantera – Domination
Pantera – Cemetery Gates
Pantera – Mouth For War
Pantera – Walk
Pantera – This Love
Pantera – I’m Broken
Pantera – 5 Minutes Alone
Pantera – Revolution Is My Name
Pantera – Goddamn Electric
Pantera – Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit
Pantera – I’ll Cast A Shadow
Pantera – Regular People (Conceit)
Pearl Jam – Even Flow
A Perfect Circle – Passive
A Perfect Circle – Judith
A Perfect Circle – Weak and Powerless
A Perfect Circle – The Package
A Perfect Circle – The Outsider
A Perfect Circle – Pet
Pride & Glory – Hate Your Guts
Pride & Glory – Come Together
Puddle of Mudd – Blurry
Puddle of Mudd – If I Could Love You
Puddle of Mudd – Away From Me
Puddle of Mudd – Hooky
Puscifer – The Undertaker
Puscifer – Rev 22.20
Rev Theory – Dead In A Grave
Rev Theory – Voices
Rev Theory – Hell Yeah
Rev Theory – Wanted Man
Rev Theory – Ten Years
Rev Theory – Far From Over
The Rolling Stones – Laugh, I Nearly Died
Saliva – Always
Saliva – How Could You?
Saliva – Hunt You Down
Saliva – Survival of the Sickest
Saliva – Fuck All Y’All
Saliva – Badass
Saliva – Better Days
Saliva – Hate Me
Seether – FMLYHM
Seether – Walk Away From the Sun
Seether – Breakdown
Seether – Remedy
Seether – Truth
Seether – Given
Seether – Hang On
Seether – Sold Me
Sevendust – Enemy
Shinedown – Better Version
Shinedown – 45
Shinedown – Simple Man
Shinedown – Sound of Madness
Shinedown – Second Chance
Shinedown – If You Only Knew
Shinedown – Sin With A Grin
Shinedown – What A Shame
Shinedown – Breaking Inside
Shinedown – Heroes
Sick Puppies – Asshole Father
Sick Puppies – War
Sick Puppies – I Hate You
Sick Puppies – You’re Going Down
Sick Puppies – So What I Lied
Sick Puppies – In It For Life
Sid Vicious – My Way
Skid Row – 18 and Life
Slayer – Eyes of the Insane
Slayer – Perversions of Pain
Slayer – Disciple
Slayer – Exile
Slayer – Here Comes the Pain
Slayer – Payback
Slayer – Addict
Slayer – Angel of Death
Slayer – Criminally Insane
Slayer – Raining Blood
Slayer – Die By the Sword
Slayer – South of Heaven
Slayer – Hate Worldwide
Slayer – Playing With Dolls
Slipknot – Sulfur
Slipknot – Dead Memories
Slipknot – Vendetta
Slipknot – Snuff
Slipknot – People=Shit
Slipknot – Everything Ends
Slipknot – (sic)
Slipknot – Spit It Out
Slipknot – Wait and Bleed
Slipknot – Purity
Slipknot – Only One
Slipknot – Before I Forget
Slipknot – Vermilion, Pt. 2
Slipknot – The Nameless
Slipknot – The Virus of Life
Slipknot – Danger, Keep Away
Soil – Cross My Heart
Soil – Remember
Soil – Obsession
Staind – It’s Been Awhile
Staind – Waste
Staind – Right Here
Staind – Cross to Bear
Staind – Devil
Staind – Please
Staind – Everything Changes
Staind – Save Me
Staind – Wannabe
Staind – Something to Remind You
Staind – Price to Play
Staind – So Far Away
Staind – Fray
Stereoside – So Long
Stereoside – Tattoo
Stone Sour – Say You’ll Haunt Me
Stone Sour – Dying
Stone Sour – Unfinished
Stone Sour – Hesitate
Stone Sour – The Bitter End
Stone Sour – Threadbare
Stone Sour – Hate Not Gone
Stone Sour – Anna
Stone Sour – Come What(ever) May
Stone Sour – Reborn
Stone Sour – Socio
Stone Sour – Cardiff
Stone Sour – Through Glass
Stone Sour – Suffer
Stone Sour – Wicked Game
Stone Sour – Bother
Superjoint Ritual – The Knife Rises
Superjoint Ritual – Everyone Hates Everyone
Tantric – Breakdown
Three Days Grace – Over and Over
Three Days Grace – Animal I Have Become
Three Days Grace – Just Like You
Three Days Grace – Gone Forever
Tool – Hooker With A Penis
Tool – Schism
Tool – Jerk-Off
Tool – Sober
Tool – Vicarious
Tool – The Pot
Trivium – Throes of Perdition
The Union Underground – Across the Nation
Evile – Cemetery Gates
Story of the Year – Just Close Your Eyes
Sean Jenness – Written In My Face
Zakk Wylde – Suicide Note Pt. 1
Zakk Wylde – Between Heaven and Hell
Zakk Wylde – Sold My Soul
Zakk Wylde – Road Back Home
Zakk Wylde – Throwin’ It All Away
Zakk Wylde – What You’re Look’n For
10 Years – Wasteland

So that’s it. Check out at least a few of those songs. I know there are a shitload; definitely didn’t intend to making the list that long. But it is what it is. All those songs kick ass, so check them out. There’s definitely some variety in there, so go through when you’ve got some time and check some of them out. Get back to me if you like them. Leave a comment on here or Facebook. I like to know when I introduce new music to people.


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