Patriotism In Sports

A piece I originally wrote and published on Tumblr during the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Finals.


Something’s been bugging me lately, so I thought I’d take a minute to get it off my chest.

Now, anyone who’s into sports, specifically hockey, knows that the Stanley Cup Finals are currently going on. The Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks are playing each other, with Vancouver currently holding the series edge 3-2, heading back to Boston for game 6 on Monday. And I hope Boston wins.

Being from Canada, it seems I get jumped all over the second I say I don’t want Vancouver to win. And that is starting to really piss me off. Listen, I understand patriotism and all that, wanting the Cup to come back to Canada. If you, as a Canadian, want to cheer for the Canadian team in the Finals, go for it. But don’t piss all over me because I don’t. I don’t like the Canucks. I never have. I don’t cheer for them in the regular season. Why the fuck would I cheer for them now?

As with most people, I think, I usually cheer for the team I like the most out of the two, since my team never makes it to the Cup Finals. Last year, I cheered for Philadelphia, because I like them more than Chicago. The year before, it was Detroit, because I like them more than Pittsburgh. And I don’t necessarily dislike Pittsburgh or Chicago; I just liked their opponents more than I like them.

With Vancouver, it’s a different story altogether. I dislike them. There are several teams in the NHL I will never cheer for. Vancouver is one of them. If that makes me unpatriotic or whatever, so be it. It will be a cold day in Hell before you hear the words “Go Vancouver” pass my lips.

So, when people say I should cheer for the Canadian team just because I’m Canadian, just because I should want the Cup to come back to Canada more than anything, I say fuck off. I want the Cup to come back as much as anyone. But when it does finally return, I want it to be brought by one of three teams; the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Edmonton Oilers, or the Calgary Flames. I’d rather Canada didn’t get another Cup, if it means Vancouver, Ottawa, or Montreal are the ones winning it. I’m going to cheer for a team because I like it, not because of where it’s based.

So fuck off, pissed off Vancouver fans, and everybody else who wants to rag on me for cheering for an American team against a Canadian team.

And that’s my rant for the day. Later.

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